Tuesday, January 4, 2011

LEI daily check list

Checklists are an overlooked fantastic tool, one of the simplest Poke Yokes out there.  Ask your self would you be comfortable flying in an airplane if you knew the pilot and engineer had said to each other "damn it this plane has been checked every other time it’s been flown, we can leave it this one time"?  No I doubt you would be happy.  Would you be happy to undertake heart surgery or any surgery where the surgeon does not have a before and after check list?  I know this is a trick question, many surgeons don't use them thinking that they are above such simple tools.
For yourself do you have a check list to ensure that the daily tasks you as a manager, worker, communicator, leader are being carried out to your satisfaction?

Standard work is not just for those repetitive manufacturing, service or administrative jobs but for any job that has a repetitive element to it.  And as management much of our day is actually made up of repetitive elements.  They may be different each time they are done and may deliberately not have the same result each time.  They each however need to happen and the simple check list may be the best way to ensure they happen


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