Monday, March 28, 2011

.... and the place should be obvious

One of the great things about my job and about life in general is I am always learning.  While glancing through Sundays paper online looking at the cooking I noticed an article on "Managing your clutter", I took a moment out to read it and realized in 20 years of doing 5S here I was learning something new. Thanks Guardian.

From the article emphasis is mine


There are two general rules you need to absorb before you throw yourself into a major prune: everything should have its own place and the place should be obvious; any system created must be one that can be maintained. Your aim at the end of a declutter is to know where everything is. That's everything, from your last phone bill to the extra scourers.
These I know are the tenants of 5S.  My appreciation is how they are said and the emphasis given. How many 5S implementations end up as just a clearing out and cleaning up exercise, and how many more die on the vine for no good maintenance system?

The article is great and I would recommend you make a minute to read it. 

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