Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Green Chips ????

Excellent article in the Calgary Herald (I know a rarity), syndicated from somewhere (Pepsico publicity department?).
Can you beat this from Walkers Crisps (Chips) in the UK:
Potatoes are 80% water, most of which is lost as steam when 350,000 tons of spuds are sliced and fried annually at the factory. Seal hopes to condense the steam, possibly with a system of cooling tubes, and reuse the captured H2O to clean equipment, help wash potatoes along manufacturing lines, and even irrigate the shrubs outside. The method could save the plant $1 million a year. "Lots of people think we're nuts," says Seal. "We're trying to push the boundaries to make a difference."
Joke is for the Brits only

There are 3 main reasons to do Green manufacturing; 1 for your own ethical reasons, 2 to look good, generally known as Green-washing and 3rd to improve your environmental impact and save money.
These examples hit reason 3 head on. Green shouldn't be about looking green but being green and putting more green-back into your pocket.

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