Monday, October 31, 2011

An advert for some work I am doing

 My colleague Carla and I will be running the process mapping and change management part of Productivity Alberta and Calgary Construction Association's ICT program.  Looking forward to doing this.  The construction industry is not something I have done a lot of lean or other work in before.  So a chance to learn and share.

Implementing Information & Communications Technologies 
Are you Ready?
  Is your legacy computer system holding your company down? Do you even have a legacy system? Either way, it’s time for an upgrade. The ICT Adoption Program can take you through the process of identifying the needs and the gaps to acquiring and implementing new Information and Communications Technology. Not only that, you’ll be paired with a mentor who can coach you through the process, putting lessons into practice.
  A partnership between the Calgary Construction Association and Productivity Alberta, this series of workshops, online resources and coaching can help your company make significant, measurable productivity gains. Participants take away methods to engage the staff and decrease the barriers to new technology.
When: December 14, 2011 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Who: The Owner, General Manager or overall key decision maker of your construction company should attend this workshop.  Note that you can register others from your company for specific workshops based on responsibility.  If you want advice, please contact us.

Register: The registration form for the program is attached to this e-mail.

More: To get more information about the program, click here or contact Productivity Alberta at or 780-427-6648.


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