Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Neat ≠ Organized

Listening to Dave Allen seminar and this nugget of wisdom was shared
Neat ≠ Organized
There is a reason why 5S is done in the sequence Sort, Set, Shine...  To Set and to have not Sorted is only to make neat, it does not make Organized.  Even with many proficient Lean organizations I often see areas where Sort has not been done well.  In these situations the occasional or just in case tooling is still front and center.  Of the whole range of drivers or wrenches is kept when only a fraction are used.  The Sort step has to be done with bravery teaching those involved to challenge if a tool or the amount of parts are really needed.  In fact much great Lean work comes from asking do I really need this tool and exploring how that tool can be eliminated.  This is when 5S kicks off from being an organizing tool to a Lean tool that drives waste out of work.

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