Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Globe and 'Dismal' productivity

The Globe and Mail has another article on Canadian productivity.  There have been a series of these over the last year and it is good to see productivity being discussed as an important business issue.
The article contained one wonderful nugget "The pressure is building for companies to do more with less by investing in new processes to boost productivity".  I absolutely love the fact that they talk about processes instead of new the normal new equipment or automation.
I'm hoping that this maybe part of the start of business realizing that processes improvement is a key factor in improving business.

The bad bit and sorry there was one was from David Yager, chief executive officer of HSE Integrated Ltd., a Calgary health and safety services company.  First he says its tough to boost productivity.  Yes it is tough, business is tough we get on with it.  Next he says "there’s not much we can do on productivity,”  Lean in the service industry is well established maybe not in Calgary but the ideas are all out there. David when was the last time a business process was mapped at HSE?  The tough part I suspect is learning to see the waste in HSE Integrated's business processes, accepting they exist and deciding to do something about them.  The big issue is not Government regulation as he claims, Canada is relatively free from regulation, Alberta especially, I'm going say the issue is not wanting to see the waste and do something about it.
End of rant.

Post: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/economy/growth/dismal-productivity-growth-bodes-poorly-for-recovery/article1836771/

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