Wednesday, December 1, 2010

GM Volt Wow and Ouch

The Chevy Volt I think is a great car and was probably one of the good reasons that GM were bailed out. So I was watching this Youtube video of the Chevy Volt being made. You get to see the whole thing in 2 minute a pretty good wow.

That was until 1:17 into the video when I had to say a little ouch to myself. Seeing the operator having to reach up above her head to complete her operation, I started thinking. Mostly I thought OWWW I'm grateful that's not me having to do that, my shoulders would be hurting me. Then I started thinking is that Lean to make someone do an operation like that. Obviously not, there is lots of Motion in reaching up that high. More importantly how does this respect the operator. Not a great deal I suspect as it repeatedly puts them in an uncomfortable working position. Lets hope that Chevy get to Kaizen this issue out.

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